Clinical Chemistry

AMP Piccos II

Semi-automated Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

AMP Piccos II is a semi-automated clinical chemistry analyzer for simple, efficient and accurate performance of any photometric clinical chemistry test. Due to its versatility and flexibility the fields of application are multiple – either as a powerful multi-purpose clinical chemistry workstation in small laboratories or as a dedicated analyzer for less frequently performed specific analytes or as a back-up analyzer being on call 24 hours a day.

  • 7 standard and 1 optional wave lengths
  • protocols of all routine parameters pre-programmed
  • simple adjustment according to individual requirements
  • flow cell temperature controlled at 25°, 30° or 37°C
  • graphic presentation of reaction and calibration curves
  • results can be reported parameter or patient oriented
  • enhanced quality control data management
AMP Piccos II

AMP Clinical Chemistry Reagents

The Perfect Match of Quality, Convenience and Cost Efficiency


  • Continuous monitoring of raw material quality
  • Highest quality standards applied in production
  • Formulations optimized for outstanding performance
  • Full range of traceable calibrators and controls


  • Almost all parameters available in stable liquid format
  • Ready-to-use – no more reconstitution required
  • Kits including standards available for manual use
  • Proven applications for various popular auto-analyzers

Cost Efficiency

  • Excellent stability virtually until the final drop
  • Multiple kit sizes tailored to individual requirements
  • Reliable performance eliminates the need of repeats
  • Multi-parameter calibrators and controls available