AMP Coagulation Reagents

Thromboplastin   APTT   Thrombin Time   Fibrinogen

AMP Coagulation Reagents enable general functional analysis of the coagulation process separately for the extrinsic and the intrinsic pathway. Also, determination of the Fibrinogen concentration as the central protein of the coagulation cascade is part of routine haemostasis screening.

Normal level and two pathological levels of AMP CoaTrol are available to monitor performance of reagents and device used for routine haemostasis screening.

Routine Hemostasis Screening
Parameter Format
PT Thromboplastin (PT = 1.0) liquid
APTT APTT incl. CaCl2 liquid
TT Thrombin Time liquid
FIB Fibrinogen lyophilized
AMP Coagulation Reagents