Clinocare brings to you a range of specialized automation solutions and lab devices which are reliable, safe, convenient, fast & robust. We are focused on delivering unparalleled value to our customers through a truly innovative combination of state-of-the art technologies with reliable services.

Our automation products are useful for customers having interest in the areas of High throughput Screening (HTS), Digital Pathology, 3D Cell Culture, Protein Crystallography, Industrial and Clinical Microbiology, Transplant Diagnostics and routine Research applications in Proteomics and Genomics.

Our major products include, nanoliter liquid handling systems for PCR and Protein Crystallography labs, Perfusion Bioreactors for 3D Cell Culture, Lab Sterilization Systems (Ozone Sterilizers), automated Microbiology Processor, Western Blot Processor, Digital Pathology Side Scanners and Pathology Software solutions.

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