Clinocare offers a portfolio of more than a million Reagents, Kits & Bio-chemicals to the scientific community working in various fields of lifescience research including New Drug Discovery, Biosimilars, Vaccine research, Bioprocess development, Stem Cell Banking, Food and Cosmetics product development, Clinical Research, Plant Biology and Veterinary Sciences.

Our products include a wide range of reagents and kits for a variety of applications in Immunology, Bioanalytical, Molecular biology, Gene expression, DNA Sequencing, DMPK, ADME, Toxicology, Pharmacology, Plant Tissue Culture, Cell culture & Stem cell research. We have one of the largest portfolios of research tools such as cDNA Clones, CRISPR Kits, ELISA Kits, HTS kits, Multiplex Assays, Cell based Assays, 3D Cell Culture labware, Tissue Arrays, Recombinant Proteins & Antibodies for applications such as FACS, ELISA, Western Blot (WB) and IHC.

Our wide range of Sample Preps solutions offer a variety Sample extraction, storage and transportation products which are ideal tools to use with a variety of sample matrices such as Saliva, Cell Culture supernatants, Serum, Plasma and other body fluids types, providing you with the best quality samples for your critical analytical applications such as ELISA, Western Blot, FACS (Flow cytometry), Cell-based assays, protein purification, gene expression, ADME, biosimilar characterization and many others. All of the products supplied by us are known for their highest level of quality & superior performance.

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