The pharmaceutical industry is now at a turning point as significant number of drug candidates entering clinical development are dropped at some stage due to unacceptable pharmacokinetic properties. Thus, optimizing the pharmacokinetic properties during the early stages of drug development is now widely accepted as being essential.

Drug discovery based on the transport mechanisms and substrate specificities of drug transporters will become increasingly important. Identification of compounds that are substrates for transporters can aid the optimization and selection of new drug candidates. High-throughput assays for transporters are needed during the early stages of drug discovery and the expression system of transporters is an efficient tool for screening transport activities.

Clinocare has endeavoured in compiling a number of solutions for research labs in helping them understand drug metabolism & the effect of transporters on the ADME/Tox properties of drug candidates.

We are proud to be associated with the world’s leading supplier of ADME/Tox to assist them in marketing and distributing their ready to use products in Kenya. These products would enable our scientists to rapidly obtain accurate and reproducible pharmacokinetic data about their drug candidates.

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