ELISAs, which are routinely used for the qualitative and quantitative assessment of samples, have proved to be a valuable tool in research & diagnostic labs.
Clinocare brings to you a versatile range of innovative, well tested ELISA kits for oxidative stress & steroid hormones, heat shock proteins, cell signaling, cyclic nucleotides, bioprocess and antioxidants with high quality and reproducibility of results in both ready to use and set format. In addition to these we actively offer ELISA kits for cytokines, chemokines, growth factors, phosphorylated targets, immunoglobulins. We are also proud to introduce ELISA solutions to address the needs of IVD manufacturing facilities as well.

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Enzo LifesciencesInflammation ELISAs | Heat Shock Response ELISA Kits | Steroid / Hormone ELISA kits | Wnt Pathway ELISA Kits | Toxicology ELISA Kits | Oxidative Stress ELISA Kits | Bioprocess ELISA Kits | IHC Detection Kits | FRET-Based Assay | Enzyme Activity Assays | Cyclic Nucleotides ELISA Kits | Cellular Analysis | Cell Death & Autophagy | Cell Function & Viability | Cell Structure & Organelle Detection
Bethyl LaboratoriesImmunoglobulins Kits | Proximity Ligation Assay | Immunohistochemistry Accessory Kit
Cell Biolabs, Inc.Antioxidant Assays | Peroxidase Activity Assays | Protein Oxidation / Nitration | DNA / RNA Damage and Repair | Lipid Peroxidation | Reactive Oxygen Species Assays | Reporter Assays | Kinase Assays
SalimetricsSalivary Biomaker Assays
BiosensisNeuroscience ELISA | Cytokine ELISA | MMP ELISA
CytoskeletonActin Assays | Kinesin Motor Assays | Pull-down Assays | Tubulin Assays | Signal Transduction Assays | G-LISA Activation Assays
ImmunO4Femto Level Chemiluminescent Peroxidase Substrates | High performance Chemiluminescent Substrates | Ultra-sensitive HRP Chemiluminescent Substrate | HRP Conjugate Stabilizer | Blocking Buffers and Stabilizers for ELISA
SurmodicsProtein Stabilizers/Blockers | Substrates/Stop Reagents | Diluents /Buffers /IHC Reagents
Immuno Chemistry TechnologiesIn-vivo/in-vitro Apoptosis ELISA | FLICA Kits | Cytotoxicity Assay | ELISA Solutions- Diluents, Stabilizers, Substrates & Stop Solutions
Arbor AssaysOxidative Stress ELISA | Hormone ELISA | Cyclic Nucleotides ELISA Kits
Biopal, Inc.Renal Function Analysis- GFR & RBF Assays
Affinity BiologicalsHaematology ELISA | Coagulation and Hemostasis
BiomedicaBone Metabolism | Cardiovascular & angiogenesis | Atherosclerosis, | Infectious diseases
Cell TechnologyCaspase/Apoptosis Detection | Metabolic Assays | Oxidative Stress Detection | Fluorescent Enzymatic Assays | Luminescence Kits | Non-Radioactive Cytotoxicity Assay
QuickZyme BiosciencesProtease activity assays | Matrix Protein Assay
Biosense LaboratoriesVitellogenin ELISA
SymansisMetabolic Immunoassays | Multi Kinase Array (MKA) Elisa
Leinco Technologies, Inc.Cytokine ELISA | Hormone ELISA
Kingfisher Biotech, Inc.Veterinary Research ELISA
Reddot biotech Inc.Reddot Elisa Kits

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