Plant tissue culture & techniques have been used in academic investigations of totipotency and the roles of hormones in cyto-differentiation and organogenesis. Plant tissue culture holds a great future potential for industries,  hence, Clinocare brings worldwide an ultimate solution to the on-going struggle against microbial airborne, waterborne and endogenous contamination in your cultures in the name of Plant Preservation Mixture (PPM) which targets bacteria and fungi in growth media as well as in already contaminated tissues without damaging the ex-plant itself. Unlike antibiotics & other biocides PPM is not affected by issues such as drug resistance and is very user friendly.

Besides this, we offer a very promising range of premium quality gelling agents, plant growth regulators & media and plant antibodies. Keeping in view the very labour-intensive process involved, we also proudly offer bioreactors, vessels & instruments aiming to assist our customers to explore more in this area.

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