At Clinocare, we are inspired by the possibilities that various new & innovative technologies available today are helping transform human health. As a distribution and marketing company, we want to play our role as a customer centric organization and make all possible efforts to assist professionals in the East Africa region to adopt these new technologies and thereby help our community to take full advantage of modern medicine.

Our portfolio of products and solutions are primarily in the area of Transplant Diagnostics, Pharmacogenetics Genotyping, Oncology Mutation Detection, Prenatal Diagnostics, Molecular Microbiology and Autoimmune Disease detection and management.

Our scientific & application support team is fully trained to assist customers who have interest in using the latest and cutting-edge technology platforms such as multiplex assays on Luminex xMAP , Sanger Sequencing Kits, Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Kits, Real-time PCR Kits, qPCR and kits for other immunology applications such as ELISA, WB, FACS etc.

Transplant Diagnostics
We offer a full portfolio of Reagents, Kits and Automation solutions for HLA Typing, Transplant Diagnostics and Pre/Post-transplant monitoring of patients. Our product are considered as one of the best on the market in providing high resolution typing of HLA antigens that is a critical need in Organ transplantation, Bone Marrow transplant and for post-transplant monitoring. Our products have demonstrated highest level of quality and efficacy that medical professionals could depend on, in their efforts of reducing chances of graft rejection. Our product also widely used in Bone marrow registry programs, and for other diagnostics applications such as identifying HLA Allele specific disease risk in patents, e.g. Ankylosing Spondylosis, Celiac Disease, Cancer risk, Narcolepsy and Pharmacogenomics applications.

We also offer RUO products which are generally used by clinical researchers in predicting renal function under acute and chronic stress or to know the status of transplanted grafts. We offer markers such as KIM-1, NGAL, KIR, C1q , MIC, Cystatin-C available in different kit formats.

Genetic Disorders & Diagnostics
We offer sequence based molecular diagnostic kits for detection of Pre-natal and Post-natal genetic disorders. Kits and reagents are available for range of Autosomal and sex chromosome aneuploidies such as Downs Syndrome, Edwards Syndrome, Patau Syndrome and Klinefelter syndrome, Turners syndrome, Male infertility (Y-Chromosomal deletions).

Predictive Diagnostics
Now that the entire human genome has been fully sequenced, the dividend of this great achievement of mankind has begun to show astonishing results in the form of new biomarkers and advanced detection tools that are emerging at an unprecedented pace. We now know that our genotypic constitution may make us more vulnerable to developing a particular disease than others. With a number of biomarkers identified, a plethora of useful Predictive Diagnostics assays are now available that can identify such factors. This knowledge is helping medical professionals in assisting people in eliminating or atleast reducing the impact of a particular genotypic vulnerability on their health by better management of factors that are within their control.

Our portfolio for Predictive Diagnostics include assays for Cystic Fibrosis, cardiovascular disease (CVD), Thrombophilia, Venous thromboembolism (VTE), Ankylosing Spondylosis, Celiac Disease, Cancer, Narcolepsy and many more.

Pharmacogenetics Genotyping
As a result of successful mapping of Human Genome, researchers are now beginning to learn how the inherited genetic differences in individuals can affect their response to same drugs. This opens a new field of personalized medicine which would define the medication in the new world. Our product portfolio for Pharmacogenetics assays cover a wide range of tests which help predict effect of some of the drugs used to avoid undesired complications in critical care such as Carbamazepine hypersensitivity, Abacavir hypersensitivity etc.

Clinical Microbiology
Our Clinical Microbiology range of products are primarily covering molecular diagnostics assays for infectious diseases associated with immunocompromised patients, including patients of organ and bone marrow transplants. Besides, we offer specialized range of devices to improve sample collection and sample preparation for parasitology and electrophoresis.

For high throughput Microbiology automation needs, we offer an unparalleled and comprehensive automation solution – WASP. For more details please review our lab automation range pages.

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