FIDIS kits developed by Theradiag on the xMAP® technology allow a simultaneous and specific detection of multiple analytes from the same sample in a single assay. Compared to the conventional IFA or ELISA format, the FIDIS™ technology and its automation on the CARIS™ platform allows the laboratory to perform analysis more rapidly at a lower cost rather than with conventional kit formats and with optimum reliability.

Theradiag has developed a comprehensive range of commercially available tests on xMAP technology for the diagnosis of auto-immune pathologies and also continues to offer an extended panel in infectious serology, and for the measurement of human cytokines.

Product Range

SupplierMajor PortfolioMarkers
TheradiagFIDIS™ThyroSimultaneous detection of autoantibodies: – Anti-Thyroperoxidase (TPO) – Anti-Thyroglobulin (TG)
FIDIS™ dsDNAQuantitative detection of autoantibodies directed against double stranded DNA (dsDNA)
FIDIS™ CONNECTIVE 10Simultaneous detection of autoantibodies: – Anti-dsDNA – Anti-SS-A (60 kDa) – Anti-TRIM21 (previously named SS-A 52 kDa) – Anti-SS-B – Anti-Sm – Anti-Sm/RNP – Anti-Scl-70 – Anti-Jo-1 – Anti-Ribosomal Proteins – Anti-Centromere (CENP-B)
FIDIS™ CONNECTIVE PROFILESimultaneous detection of autoantibodies: – Anti-PmSCl – Anti-PCNA – Anti-Histone – Anti-U1RNP (NEW)
FIDIS™ VASCULITISSimultaneous detection of autoantibodies: – Anti-Myeloperoxidase (MPO) – Anti-Proteinase 3 (PR3) – Anti-Glomerular Basement Membrane (GBM)
FIDIS™ APS IgG FIDIS™ APS IgMSimultaneous detection of IgG or IgM autoantibodies: – Anti-Cardiolipin – Anti-Beta2-Glycoprotein I (ß2GPI) – Anti-Prothrombin also called Factor II (FII)
FIDIS™ CYTO-PANELSimultaneous detection of autoantibodies: – Anti-ATPase H+/K+ of the gastric parietal cells (PCA) – Anti-Intrinsic Factor (IF) – Anti-Ribosomal Proteins – Anti-Mitochondrial M2 proteins – Anti-LKM1 – Anti-LC1
FIDIS™ RHEUMA-RFSimultaneous detection of IgM class rheumatoid factor directed against Fc determinants from human or animal IgG Immunoglobulins
FIDIS™ anti-CCPSimultaneous detection of autoantibodies directed against 4 synthetic citrullinated peptides
FIDIS™ CELIAC DPG IgG FIDIS™ CELIAC DPG IgASimultaneous detection of IgG or IgA autoantibodies: – Anti-Gliadin – Anti-Deamidated Peptides of Gliadin (DPG) – Anti-tissue Transglutaminase (tTG)

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