Monoclonal antibodies (mAb) are powerful tools which are widely used in every phase of the biomedical field from discovery research and diagnosis to therapeutics. Yet, existing methods for isolating mAb-producing hybridomas are tedious and time consuming and often not amenable to high-throughput screening. In particular, the most challenging, time-consuming, and labor-intensive phase in generating mAbs is the Limiting Dilution Subcloning (LDS) step.

We offer a unique technology for the rapid production of hybridoma & reduce Hybridoma Screening & Cloning Time by 75%. Using a genetically-modified myeloma partner, the kit creates hybridomas capable of both secreting and surface-expressing antigen specific antibodies, enabling screening and selection of positive clones by FACS or magnetic separation in matters of hours, resulting in improved efficiency for detection of highly specific mAb.

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