Hypothermal Storage Media is an extension of technologies used for storage and transport of cells at lower temperatures.

HypoThermosol® FRS is an optimized hypothermic (2-8°C) preservation media that enables improved and extended preservation of cells, tissues and organs. HypoThermosol® media is Serum-free, protein-free and provide maximum storage and shipping stability for biologics at 2-8°C.

It includes components that scavenge free radicals, provide pH buffering, oncotic/osmotic support, energy substrates, and ionic concentrations that balance the intracellular state at low temperatures. The product has proven much more effective in providing extended shelf life and improved post-preservation viability.

If you are looking for more competent way of storage and transport of cells and tissues at room temperature, Atelerix provides an innovative solution. The method encapsulates cells in alginate gel, keeping them viable and functional during storage and transport. The company is commercializing the gel encapsulation approach in two sectors- cells models used for drug discovery and testing, and cells used in therapies in their own right. Atelrix technology has outperformed short term cryopreservation on both cell yield and viability and can ultimately revolutionize the cold chain supply logistics for biologicals.

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