Clinocare is committed to provide a premium range of high quality, fully validated primary and secondary antibodies against a versatile species type , for various applications like flow cytometry, ELISA, western Blot, immunohistochemistry & immunoprecipitation techniques. We also provide isotype controls, antibody labelling kits & reagents, antibody pairs and epitope tags with high precision and reproducibility to our customers involved in various fields like immunology, cell biology, neurosciences, cancer biology, epigenetics, stem cells, aquatic or plant research for more exploration and discoveries to be made.

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Bethyl LaboratoriesPrimary Antibodies | Secondary Antibodies | Epitope Tag Antibodies | Non-Ig Serum Protein Antibodies | AbVantage Pack
OrigeneUltraMAB IHC Antibodies | TrueMAB Primary Antibodies | Anti-tag Antibodies | Luminex Antibody Pairs | ELISA Validated Antibodies | ELISA Validated Antibodies | Secondary Antibodies & Loading Controls
Enzo LifesciencesPrimary Antibodies | Secondary Antibodies
AgriseraPlant & Algal Cell Antibodies
BiosensisNeuroscience Specific Antibodies | Tag Antibodies
DSHBDrosophila antigens | GFP | C. elegans | Microbe antibodies | Neurodevelopment | Dictyostelium antigens | NCI - Cancer targets | Protein Tags | Protein Capture Reagents
SciconsJ2 anti-dsRNA monoclonal antibody | K1 anti-dsRNA monoclonal antibody | K2 anti-dsRNA monoclonal antibody
Southern BiotechCD Markers | Isotype Controls | Cytokine | Secondary Antibodies | Epitope Tags | Apoptosis | Proinflammatory | ECM Antibodies
ECM BiosciencesPhospho-specific Antibodies | Antibody Sampler Kit
Affinity BiologicalsCoagulation & Hemostasis Antibodies
NanotoolsPhosphospecific antibodies | Transcription factors
Rockland ImmunochemicalsPrimary Antibodies | Secondary Antibodies | Phospho Antibodies | Signaling Antibodies
CytoskeletonActin | PTM Antibodies | Tubulin | Small G-protein | Ubiquitin | SUMO Antibodies
ImmunostarNeuroscience IHC Primary Antibodies
Kingfisher Biotech, Inc.Veterinary Research Abs
Absolute AntibodyResearch Grade Biosimilars | Recombinant Antibodies for in vivo research use | Recombinant Antibodies derived from human patients | F4/80 clone CI:A3-1 | Anti-Virus Antibodies
BiomedicaC4d Antibody | C4d, FITC Antibody
SymansisCell Signaling
Aquatic DiagnosticsFish & Shrimp Antibodies
BiorbytPrimary Antibodies | Secondary Antibodies | Tags & Markers

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